Las Terrazas

Governing Documents

Our Bylaws:

View and print our bylaws.

Protective Covenants:

The Protective Covenants imposed on the Las Terrazas Phase I Subdivision became effective on October 27th, 1993. 

View and print our covenents.

Weeds and Trash:

Please remember that the area between the wall or sidewalk and the curb is the responsibility of the homeowner.  Weeds always seem to crop up in these forgotten areas. To help control the problem, LTNA has contracted landscape maintenance for some isolated areas around the perimeter and along the back areas of houses. There are a few of us who for the last several years have donated time and money to do our best to keep the weeds down, but it is up to all of us to complete the task and keep it maintained all year long.

Also, if your home is adjacent to a sidewalk, please take note of any trees or bushes in your back- or side-yards that have grown into the sidewalk. Many folks in our neighborhood walk, ride bikes, jog and skateboard and there are a few areas where pedestrians have to leave the sidewalk because of protruding bushes and greenery have lifted the pavement. That can also pose a danger to pedestrians in the form of sprained ankles and falls.       

City Ordinances:

There have been questions concerning ordinances that can be enforced in our neighborhood.  Some of the main ones are addressed below.

Weed, Litter & Snow:

The Weed, Litter and Snow Ordinance (the weed/litter ordinance is outlined below) is a citywide ordinance that refers to "any owner of any occupied or unoccupied lot or tract of land within the city," according to Matthew Conrad, Code Compliance officer with the city of Albuquerque's Zoning division.


The parking of recreational vehicles is prohibited (driveways or not) as per R-LT Residential Zoning Code (14-16-2-6(A)(2)(h)(3).  Conrad said it should be noted that section 14-16-2-22(B)(25)(a)[14-16-2-6(A)(2)(h)] states that the SU-1 PRD zone allows parking uses as outlined/regulated in the R-1 zone.

All homes in Las Terrazas are governed by the R-1 or R-LT zoning ordinances.

The City of Albuquerque Comprehensive Zoning Code was recently amended to regulate front yard parking. Section 14-16-2-8(F)(3) “Parking on any portion of a front yard setback area, other than the improved parking and maneuvering areas, is prohibited.”


The appearance of our neighborhood does send a message to visitors as to our willingness to tolerate graffiti, vandalism and/or mischief. So let’s all work together to keep our neighborhood clean and safe.

If you want to find out more about City of Albuquerque ordinances, contact the  City of Albuquerque.