The LTNA board wants to provide information about city and state government contacts and activities that might be of interest to our neighborhood.  In no way should this information be considered as the views of the Las Terrazas Neighborhood Association.

Las Terrazas


Online Communities

We have our own Facebook page, the Las Terrazas Neighborhood Association (LTNA) at Facebook.

We are also part of the Nextdoor Rancho Sereno online community.  This is a free and private social network just for neighbors.

Government Contacts and Information

Your Government Representatives:

New Mexico State Senator, District 23: Sander Rue

New Mexico State Representative, District 23:  Daymon Ely

Bernalillo County Commissioner, District 1:  Debbie O'Malley

City Councilor, District 5:  Cynthia Borrego

City Mayor:  Tim Keller

Other Contact Lists:

Bernalillo County Staff Directory

City of Albuquerque Important Phone Numbers

Effective Response for Crime & Other Problems

Report every crime, no matter how small.  Report suspicious activity, such as persons looking into cars or backyards, or “casing” you or your neighbor’s home.   We often down play the significance of suspicious activity by minimizing the activity that we are observing.  By reporting this suspicious activity, police may have a chance to stop a crime before it happens.  Too often we ignore suspicious activities we think are odd only to find out later that a crime in fact did occur.

By reporting suspicious activity we allow officers to be familiar with our neighbors and our neighborhood. Keep in mind, the police department logs every call to identify crime trends, and bases the number of police officers assigned to each area based on reported calls.

To report suspicious activity call 505-242-COPS.

To report a crime in action – call 911.

To report graffiti, potholes, and other neighborhood quality issues, call 311 or go to ABQ311.