Las Terrazas

Welcome Las Terrazas Neighbors!

The Las Terrazas Neighborhood Association (LTNA) is a non-profit organization  representing the needs and interests of the Las Terrazas Neighborhood in Albuquerque, NM. Our purpose is to promote a better neighborhood and community through group action, so that the quality of life in our local area shall be in keeping with the social, environmental, and cultural needs and interests of our residents.


The LTNA held its last board meeting on 8/12/18.  Discussion included a reminder that Albuquerque has a 311 app (also online and by phone) that you can use to report issues around the neighborhood such as potholes, weeds, graffiti and other similar problems.  One of our streets was recently repaired within two days of the problem being reported with the 311 app.

Terms for our president and vice president are ending.  We need to fill these positions if we are going to continue efforts to keep our neighborhood looking well-kept and beautiful and to continue organizing community events like our annual garage sale.  If you are interested in being president, vice, or any other position for a two-year term please let us know!

Announcements & Upcoming Events:

Last Quarter, 2018: LTNA Board Meeting.  Our next regular business meeting will be held Wednesday, October 17th at 6 pm at 8400 Vista Verde Pl. NW. The main business will be annual elections.  All neighbors are invited.

2018:  LTNA Membership Drive.  Membership dues are requested at the beginning of the calendar year.  Dues are $35.00 per year for resident membership and $50.00 per year for business membership. The courtesy membership (for new neighbors) expires at the end of the calendar year. Funds received from the membership dues and other gift donations are mostly used for landscape projects and maintenance, city NA fees and neighborhood social events. New members are always welcome.  For the form to join or renew, click here.

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